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Markarian's Chain
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Markarian's Chain is a stretch of galaxies that forms part of the Virgo Cluster. It's called a "chain" because, when viewed from Earth, the galaxies lie along a smoothly curved line. It was named after the Armenian astrophysicist, B. E. Markarian, who discovered their common motion in the early 1960s. Member galaxies include M84 (NGC 4374), M86 (NGC 4406), NGC 4477, NGC 4473, NGC 4461, NGC 4458, NGC 4438 and NGC 4435. At least seven galaxies in the chain appear to move coherently, although others appear to be superposed by chance.

Object Information

Name Markarian's Chain
Type Multiple Galaxy Types
Constellation Virgo
Catalogue M84 / M86 / NGC 4477 etc

Acquisition / Processing

Exposure L - 9 x 300 sec Bin 1
Total 0.75 Hrs
Telescope Tak 150 @ f7.3
Camera SBIG STL-11
Camera Temp -15ÂșC
Guiding SBIG Internal
Mount AP 900GTO
Filters Astrodon-Gen 1 LRGB
Processing CCDStack / PS CS3
Location San Pedro Creek, NM
Date June 4, 2010

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