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Moons Galore
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Moons Galore

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Ganymede, Io and Callisto in a fairly straight line closest to Jupiter. Europe is obsured and directly above Jupiter. The star between the Jupiter moons and our Moon is WDS LDS5535. Taken @ 6:47PM MST. Click "See Full Resolution" above to see this detail.

Object Information

Name Moons Galore

Acquisition / Processing

Exposure FOV is 133 x 88 ArcMin. Two different frames to accomodate the wide range of exposure. The gibbous Moon was taken at 1/640 second, while the frame taken for Jupiter and its moons was 1/6 sec. The frames were taken within seconds of each other.
Telescope AP 105 @ f6
Camera Nikon D300
Mount AP 900GTO
Processing Two frames layered. The Jupiter frame was cropped to just include Jupiter and its moons, then layered to the gibbous Moon frame.
Location San Pedro Creek, NM
Date January 21, 2013

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