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M82 and SN 2014J
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M82 and SN 2014J

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Messier 82 (also known as NGC 3034, Cigar Galaxy or M82) is the prototype nearby starburst galaxy about 12 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major. The starburst galaxy is five times more luminous than the whole Milky Way and one hundred times more luminous than our galaxy's center. The starburst activity is thought to be triggered by interaction with neighboring galaxy M81, and M82 is a member of the M81 Group. SN 2014J, an apparent Type Ia supernova, was observed in the galaxy on 21 January 2014. It is the closest type-Ia supernova discovered in the past 42 years. It was discovered by accident during an undergraduate teaching session at University of London Observatory. SN 2014J is currently the subject of an intense observing campaign by professional astronomers, and is bright enough to be seen by amateur astronomers.

Object Information

Name M82 and SN 2014J
Type Starburst galaxy + Type 1a SuperNova
Constellation Ursa Major
Catalogue NGC 3034

Acquisition / Processing

Exposure L - 600 sec X 10
Total 1.67 hrs.
Telescope AP 160 @ f7.7
Camera SBIG STL-11
Camera Temp -38ºC
Guiding SBIG RGH / AP 105
Mount AP 900GTO
Filters Astrodon-Gen 2 LRGB
Processing CCDStack
Location San Pedro Creek, NM
Date January 27, 2014

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