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C/2017 01 ASAS-SN
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C/2017 01 ASAS-SN

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Comet C/2017 O1 ASAS-SN, a long period comet. It was discovered on July 19th, 2017 by the All Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) system, Comet O1 ASAS-SN was at a faint magnitude +15.3 in the constellation Cetus. In just a few short days, however, the comet jumped up a hundred-fold in brightness to magnitude +10,

Object Information

Name C/2017 01 ASAS-SN
Type Comet
Constellation Perseus

Acquisition / Processing

Exposure 120 Sec Luminance
Telescope AP 160 @ f7.7
Camera SBIG STT 8300
Camera Temp -45ÂșC
Mount AP 1100 GTO
Processing Single image. Minor processing in LightRoom.
Location San Pedro Creek, NM
Date October 14, 2017

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