The initial TAAS 200 list was drafted by Society members Lee Mesibov (especially) and Jeff Bender. TAAS members Gordon Pegue, Carl Frisch, Elinor Gates, Bill Tondreau, the late Leo Broline, Lisa Wood, and Kevin McKeown added input and alterations to the initial list. Kevin McKeown summed up and edited the final list. Notes were derived from Society members' notes, and literature including Walter Scott Houston's column "Deep Sky Wonders" in Sky and Telescope magazine, Burnham's Celestial Handbook, by Robert Burnham, Observing the Constellations, by John Sanford, and The Universe From Your Backyard, by David Eicher. My photographs of the TAAS 200 are meant to be a guide to the observer. They are all about the same field of view, about 40 to 50 arcminutes in width. They are organized in an alphabetical list by constellation, so if you know what constellations are visible, you know which TAAS objects you can observe.